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Introducing the new Space menu, updated Settings, and more!

It's been awhile since our last blog post. We have been working away and you can see all the hard work by logging in...(or creating an account, if you haven't already!)

As you may have noticed, we have redesigned the Space menu. Hoorah!

It still has a few bugs which we are gradually ironing out and the design is being tweaked as I type but we hope you like the steps we are taking to improve the Ribose experience.

Our main goals for the Space menu that the previous menu did poorly was:

  • Drag and drop to organise

  • Maintaining 'Folders' (now called 'Lists')

  • Did not display the Space icon anywhere.

Besides from the Space menu, you can see that the navigation looks...different. What you see is just the beginning of many changes yet to come (it's a slow process, bear with us!). The problem was - previously there were two navigations bars that looked very similar. The first bar contained apps that were used for personal use and the second bar belonged to the Space that you were currently in. However because they looked the same and even contained links that were named the same e.g. A personal calendar and a Space calendar, it would cause a lot of confusion to the user.

Settings has been improved. You no longer have to leave what you are working on to make a change to your Settings. It all auto saves too!

Less color, less distractions.

From our beta tests a while back, many of you commented on the colors used on the site being a distraction. As a result we have been gradually reducing the use of too much color on the site where it does not help or enhance the user experience.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Head to the About/Contact - page to get in touch with our team!

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We've revamped !

Hello from the UX team,

If you haven't already, check out - as we have (finally) revamped the design. From our private beta we found that many of you had difficulty explaining the site to your friends, family and colleagues. The updated design should make it easier to demonstrate the benefits of using Ribose for your collaboration needs without too much effort on your side. We hope the new content will help potential new users understand Ribose from the get go so that you can get on with what's important - collaborating!

So what's new? The most obvious changes are - on the home page you will find an overview of features, examples ('user scenarios') of how you could potentially use Ribose as well as a brief 2 min video that aims to explain Ribose to the new user. Design, content and navigation have been greatly improved so that you get the information you want, easily.

We are still tweaking and adding stuff, feel free to send an email to if you have any suggestions or criticism. We are listening.

Meanwhile, expect a lot of design changes within my.ribose in the coming months!



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