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Talk at CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event in PolyU

We are proud to share that our own Jeffrey Lau will be giving a talk at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University today!
At the talk, an official CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event, Jeffrey will be speaking about the Management of SaaS-Specific Risks.
SaaS (software-as-a-service) has almost become a necessity to businesses and daily lives of the modern day, as you know, and today more than ever we have a limitless option of providers to choose from. With how easy it is to sign up and start using such services, sometimes it is also too easy for us to diminish or be unaware of the associated risks. This is especially important for organizations - SaaS, being cloud-based, inherently possess greater risk than traditional IT. Left unchecked they pose a potential threat to an organization's survival. Luckily, there are measures that an organization can take in order to manage them. Jeffrey talks about what these SaaS-associated risks are and what best practices can an organization take to protect itself and its customers against them in today's event.

All the best for today's attendees, we hope the talk may be fruitful and informative for you! If you missed the event, worry not, this won't be the last event that our staff will participate in, so stay tuned for more!

For more information about the event, click here!

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Ribose becomes first cloud service provider to complete Hong Kong/Guangdong cloud security assessment and certification pilot scheme

Hong Kong/Guangzhou, 14 January 2015Ribose has completed the first Hong Kong/Guangdong cloud security assessment and certification pilot scheme.

Supported by the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Committee on Cloud Computing Services and Standards, the scheme is sponsored by the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province (GDEI) and operated by Guangzhou-based CEPREI Certification Body. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) coordinates Hong Kong cloud service providers’ (CSPs’) participation in the scheme.

The scheme evaluates CSPs’ compliance with CEPREI’s newly developed cloud security management standard, based on international and China-specific information security and data protection standards, including: GB/T 22080-2008 (ISO/IEC 27001:2005), GB/T 22239-2008, GB/Z 28828-2012 and CSA’s Cloud Control Matrix 3.0.

Ribose represented Hong Kong as one of the participants in the pilot scheme, helping to improve standards and operational details, by drawing on its experience in cloud security compliance and best practices.

“We are pleased that Ribose, a pioneer in cloud security, participated in the pilot scheme. Given its small company size, Ribose’s achievement demonstrates its excellence in innovation,” remarked Victor Lam, the Acting Government Chief Information Officer of Hong Kong. “Ribose has shown Hong Kong’s strength as Asia’s leading digital city and our natural advantage in connecting China to the world.”

Liu Xiaoyin, Technical Director of CEPREI, commented, “As China’s first cloud security certification body, we believe regional cloud security standards must harmonize with international specifications. The fact that Ribose, a non-mainland-China-based company, has successfully completed the assessment demonstrates that Chinese and international standards are compatible and complementary.”

“Ribose was honored to participate in this cross-border cloud security assessment pilot,” said Ronald Tse, founder of Ribose. “As the first CSP to pass the assessment, Ribose demonstrated that our systems meet the highest international and Chinese information security standards. With our security focus, our customers in China can freely collaborate and innovate with confidence and peace of mind.”

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About Ribose

Ribose is a cloud collaboration platform that makes working together easy and fun. A forerunner in cloud security, Ribose is the world’s first cloud service provider certified to CSA STAR using CCM 3.0.1 and MTCS. It is also certified to ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, CDSA CPS and SOC standards, and approved by the UK Government’s G-Cloud program for government use.

Ribose is free to use:


The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government provides leadership for the development of information and communications technology (ICT) within and outside the Government, and is responsible for ICT policies, strategies, programs and measures under the Digital 21 Strategy:

About CEPREI Certification Body

CEPREI Certification Body is the leading third-party certification body in China, having first introduced the concept of certification to China. Originating from the China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Research Institute (the Fifth Electronic Institute), the nation’s first scientific research organization engaging in product quality and reliability research, CEPREI operates internationally:



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