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Talk at CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event in PolyU

We are proud to share that our own Jeffrey Lau will be giving a talk at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University today!
At the talk, an official CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event, Jeffrey will be speaking about the Management of SaaS-Specific Risks.
SaaS (software-as-a-service) has almost become a necessity to businesses and daily lives of the modern day, as you know, and today more than ever we have a limitless option of providers to choose from. With how easy it is to sign up and start using such services, sometimes it is also too easy for us to diminish or be unaware of the associated risks. This is especially important for organizations - SaaS, being cloud-based, inherently possess greater risk than traditional IT. Left unchecked they pose a potential threat to an organization's survival. Luckily, there are measures that an organization can take in order to manage them. Jeffrey talks about what these SaaS-associated risks are and what best practices can an organization take to protect itself and its customers against them in today's event.

All the best for today's attendees, we hope the talk may be fruitful and informative for you! If you missed the event, worry not, this won't be the last event that our staff will participate in, so stay tuned for more!

For more information about the event, click here!

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Race for Water!

Ribose recently sent out a team of four brave young souls to conquer the Victoria Peak and the Aberdeen Country Park.

The mission was to carry water on the back while walking 15km, up and down the slopes.

We started out at the Peak Galleria. Our team name was "Watercooler". It had an immediate effect on the weather...

The brave young souls...

... with 4.5kg of water on their backs! We weren't allow to drink from it though, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the event, so we all carried an extra bottle of liquid or two.

Ready to roll!

... Makes me so proud // I'm gonna shout it out loud...

Shuffling to the Starting point...

And we're all eager to capture the moment with our phones.

... except for Desmond who, I later gathered, was on an important mission to "attack enemy portals".

Peter looks down on the first slope of the day. Careful, Peter!

Team having a strong start! ... By the way, anyone seen Desmond?

Moments later, a wandering spirit was found, with one hand holding tightly onto a strange device, a device that led to another reality...


Another slope taking a sweet sweet revenge on Peter, slowly sapping energy from him. (Later, I heard it worked out to be 30% of his total energy, whatever that means.)

As with everything in life, there're ups...

... and then there're downs.

But we all made it to the finish line. Go Team Ribose! (Please don't ask about our pose. We were tired.)

Afterwards, George found a quiet space for meditation. Very zen. (I mean, look at the flowers growing behind him!)

And we all went home feeling exhausted, happy, and accomplished. "We should totally do 30km next year."

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Our biking team won a trophy!

A huge congrats to our biking team, who brought home a gold trophy for having the best time at the Corporate category of Vitagreen Cycling Marathon Challenge 2015!

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