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Our commitment to quality

Hello again!

In line with our practice with for achieving better transparency, this is our quality policy for your reading pleasure. These policies will be moved into a separate, permanent section on our public site soon.

Quality of products and services define the success of Ribose through building its integrity and reputation. We have implemented a Quality Management System compliant to ISO 9001:2015 to achieve these goals in a systematic manner.

This policy defines quality requirements that all firm personnel shall adhere to, including staff, contractors, and people working on behalf of Ribose:

  1. We are committed to conform with subscribed quality standards and maintain our certifications regarding quality.

  2. Work closely with customers and suppliers to establish and implement the highest quality standards to meet customer requirements.

  3. The Quality manager is responsible to enforce compliance with this and all quality related policies, and ensure that internal audit mechanisms exist to monitor and measure compliance with this policy.

  4. All personnel must strive to continually improve the quality profile of the firm.

  5. Every functional area should perform the following duties as applicable in their domain:

    • define quality objectives

    • carry out risk assessments and risk treatments

    • ensure quality controls are effectively maintained

    • implement programs to measure objective performance and continual improvement

    • conform with quality standards subscribed by the firm

    • adapt a strong customer focus by ensuring customer requirements and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined and met; continuously evaluate and address risks and opportunities that can affect product or service quality and customer satisfaction; and strive to enhance customer satisfaction


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Our commitment to the environment

Hi everyone!

In order to provide better organization transparency for our users and partners, we have decided to post our environmental policy publically.

Ribose is committed to proactively and continuously protect and preserve the environment as a responsible corporate citizen. We have implemented an Environmental Management System compliant to ISO 14001:2015 to achieve these goals in a systematic manner.

We are committed to:

  1. Identify significant environmental impacts from our activities, and where we have influence or direct control, define objectives and targets, environmental management programs, and monitor their implementation

  2. Conduct operations in line with applicable environmental regulations, and request business partners to follow the same

  3. Minimize our energy and resource usage, waste produced, and undertaking our activities in a safe and responsible manner to the environment

  4. Support the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and ensure waste management is performed according to regulations and industry standards

  5. Prevent use of environmentally harmful substances and their emission into the environment

  6. Educate and raise awareness of staff to act proactively in environmental matters

  7. Maintain efficient communications with interested parties to to promote environment pro- tection

  8. Regularly review environmental aspects, objectives and environmental management programs to continually improve our environmental performance.  


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