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Ribose Teams Up With CalConnect: First Asia-Based Company To Join Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium

Ribose Teams Up With CalConnect: First Asia-Based Company To Join Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium

Hong Kong – October 9, 2013 Ribose, a startup redefining the way individuals and organizations collaborate online, has joined CalConnect, the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Ribose is a strong proponent of an open Internet and international standards that allow people to work together more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

“Ribose’s mission is to help people work with others seamlessly and hassle-free,” explains Ronald Tse, founder of Ribose. “And to achieve this, we are keen on eliminating user frustration and wasted cycles due to non-standard, proprietary software and protocols. CalConnect and its members have done miraculous things in making different calendaring applications and systems work together. We are proud to join this special community of innovators and work along with them to deliver a more seamless calendaring and collaboration experience for everybody across cultures.”

“CalConnect is excited to welcome Ribose as its first Asia-based member”, explains Dave Thewlis, Executive Director of the consortium. With a majority of the world’s population, Asia is unique in having many distinct calendar systems, writing forms and philosophies that current calendaring standards do not cover. “Interoperable calendaring is a global challenge and opportunity. In taking on this challenge and commitment, CalConnect marks a significant milestone in supporting Asian cultures in an open, standards-based way. We know that the contributions of Ribose to our consortium will be exciting and we eagerly anticipate our first CalConnect member meeting in Asia.”


About Ribose

Ribose helps individuals and organizations worldwide collaborate effectively through its social collaboration platform. By focusing on the “whole of collaboration”, Ribose has taken online social collaboration to a new level. Whether planning social events for family and friends or running complex business projects, you will find that Ribose makes it easy, effective, and actually fun. Ribose is currently in public beta, is free to use, and is already redefining collaboration results for many. Founded in 2008, Ribose is headquartered in Hong Kong with an office in Los Angeles, CA. Ribose joined CalConnect on August 13, 2013 as its first Asia-based member.

About CalConnect

CalConnect is a not-for-profit organization advancing the state of interoperable calendaring and scheduling. As a partnership between vendors of calendaring and scheduling systems and tools, and the users of those tools, its membership includes the world’s largest software companies. Virtually every important calendaring-related standard since 2004 has been authored edited and/or co-edited by members of a CalConnect Technical Committee.



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