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We've revamped !

Hello from the UX team,

If you haven't already, check out - as we have (finally) revamped the design. From our private beta we found that many of you had difficulty explaining the site to your friends, family and colleagues. The updated design should make it easier to demonstrate the benefits of using Ribose for your collaboration needs without too much effort on your side. We hope the new content will help potential new users understand Ribose from the get go so that you can get on with what's important - collaborating!

So what's new? The most obvious changes are - on the home page you will find an overview of features, examples ('user scenarios') of how you could potentially use Ribose as well as a brief 2 min video that aims to explain Ribose to the new user. Design, content and navigation have been greatly improved so that you get the information you want, easily.

We are still tweaking and adding stuff, feel free to send an email to if you have any suggestions or criticism. We are listening.

Meanwhile, expect a lot of design changes within my.ribose in the coming months!



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2013 NYT Friedman forum

Ribose is excited to share that it will be attending the Global Forum in San Francisco on June 19th which will be hosted by the Pultzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist, Thomas L. Friedman. Our goal is to better understand how Ribose can be a key player and leader in the "new connected world". We will be sharing our thoughts about the event and how we believe Ribose and social collaboration is key to the shifts we are seeing in how people are connecting to make a difference in our world.

Friedman hosts this timely forum, bringing together chief executive officers, tech pioneers, government officials, influential decision-makers and scholars to discuss the new world economy, opportunities and challenges. We will explore the complex dynamics of new-world infrastructure, especially the transformative electronic, digital and mobile environment. Attendees can expect invaluable insights into strategies for success in today’s new world order.

Agenda items include:

  • The World We Live in Now

  • Threats or Possibilities

  • What Happened to Power?

  • How the Digital Revolution Is Accelerating Everything

  • What You Don’t Know Is Coming

  • Doing Business in the Next New World

  • What an Education Is Going to Mean

  • What Energy Is Going to Be


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Ribose new release



Our June release was just put up a week ago with feature updates as well as fixes.


At you'll see our shiny new public site which foretells some design changes to come in the application. Public facing parts of the application have been updated as well, including the login page.


You can now see who you have invited to via People > Requests > Sent. For those who often use multiple tabs, no more missing new notifications and chat messages -- these events now show up in the title bar so you know something happening just by looking at the title.


Numerous bug fixes in Guidance, Chat, Tags and some security hardening.


We are still tweaking and adding stuff to, feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions or criticism.


Ribose team

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Ribose new release

Hello fellow Ribosers!


Our May release has been deployed a week ago, containing new features as well as fixes for bugs reported by our users (thank you!)


Upon login you will notice the new intro screen, showing your avatar with a clearer progress indicator.


The Chat interface has been revamped to give you more screen space allowing easier focus on the content area. For those who often work with multiple tabs, the title bar now blinks to let you know when a new message arrives. Chat statuses are now "available", "busy" and "invisible" to better reflect what they do.


Sending feedback to our team has never been easier now with the newly designed feedback forms. Bugfixes in this release cover a wide spectrum including invitations, Calendar, Wiki, Widgets, Files, email, People, ToDos, Notification. Lastly, numerous performance enhancements have been included this time.


We are committed to make Ribose better and better. Stay tuned for our next release in couple weeks. In the meantime, enjoy Riboseing!


Team Ribose

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Ribose new release

Ribose has just been updated on 4/8/2013.

Some UI styling changes across the board. All reported security issues have been resolved and fixed.

This release also contains numerous bugfixes to:

* Widgets

* Calendar

* Files

* Todos

* Settings

* Discussions

* Tags

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