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Collaboration enhances productivity

Collaboration enhances productivity. There is so much to be gained from collaboration — it can open your mind to new ideas, different opinions, and a fresh perspective. The process of collaboration creates room for dialogue that can affirm your existing vision, challenge it, and ultimately strengthen it. For any occasion in your life, find opportunities to collaborate with others, even if it is just bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend.

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Why do we do what we do

People often ask: why do we do what we do?


At Ribose, our goal is to positively impact society by helping people work together in an effective way.


The purpose of any company is to advance goals shared by its members. But these goals need to be aligned with benefits to society, a requirement which is often neglected. As Peter Drucker said, a company exists only to provide value to society. 


The reason is obvious. The continued success of any company relies on a healthy customer base and workforce. Pursuing a goal counter to society's interests threatens a company's existence, setting it on a path to ruin. Doing good for society actually benefits a company significantly by providing support to its very basis, society itself.


Ribose is not a non-profit, but Ribose exists to serve the community. Doing good is our DNA.


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Origins of the Ribose name

Since our beta launch, we have often been asked about the reasoning behind our name. Our choice all links back to our goal: to empower like-minded people to collaborate effectively and successfully.


Ribose literally is sweet – a type of sugar with the chemical formula C5H10O5, which tastes sweet just like table sugar.


Although simple by itself, ribose sugar is capable of linking into a long, complex structure. In fact, this structure forms the backbone for RNA and DNA, the basic building blocks of earth's living forms. RNA and DNA are much more than the sum of their parts, helping build life as we know it.


Similarly, the value of successful collaboration lies in positive, synergistic results. A lion's share of mankind's achievements arose through people working together, with the results realized being far superior to those of people working separately.


Just as how ribose sugar forms the backbone to essential life, we strive to serve the fabric of the collaboration experience for everyone. By helping people work together more productively, Ribose allows you (and your team) more time to focus on what you love, providing a greater opportunity to make our world a better place!

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Ribose new release: 22nd July, 2013

Hello Ribosers!

Once again, we have brought in a whole slew of changes to this new release.

For new shiny UI elements and features, this release sees a new Create Space form that dispenses with non-essential details (though accessible with the "More Options" button), a new My Membership menu that facilitates management of one's Space memberhsip (so you don't have to hunt down your own icon in the People capp just to leave the Space!), and the ability for Chat messages sent from one location to also appear in all other signed-in locations.

We have also managed to tweak our Discussions and Wiki capps a little bit to make them run a little bit faster.

Last but not least, bugs have been squashed across the board in:

  • apps such as Inbox, Calendar, Discussions, Tags and To Do,

  • widgets such as Calendar, Space Menu, Countdown and RSS,

  • chat, email notification settings, avatar loading,

  • vCard uploading in Invitation to Spaces: now works for vCards created by MS Outlook for Mac


Happy collaborating!

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July 2013 Release

Earlier this month we released the latest Ribose update.

The most noticeable update is the new profile interface. We've made it quicker and easier to edit and view your profile information. For example you can directly edit your name by hovering and clicking on it. Previously the profile only showed a few of your Contacts and Spaces by default but now we show a lot more so you click less.

In Discussions, we have renamed 'Comments' to 'Replies' in response to an upcoming feature. Stay tuned.

Other changes:

  • chat UI fixes & chat bugs

  • Bugs in Calendar, Files, Space Menu, Widgets, Guidance/Help, Password reset, email change request, invitation lightbox

  • notification widget fixes

  • wiki: optimization




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