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New feature: all Ribose emails now cryptographically signed with PGP

With email phishing and spoofing increasingly common today, many people are lulled into a false sense of despair. Yet there are methods to combat them, and the most oft-used one is cryptographic signing of emails.

Since last week, Ribose cryptographically signs all emails to you via PGP to allow you can verify authenticity of our emails. A valid Ribose PGP signature proves that the email has not been modified in transit, and also proves that the sender is indeed Ribose instead of a malicious third party.

To verify email PGP signatures, the current state of things require installation of some sort of plugin, but most of these tools do integrate nicely with your platform (Linux / macOS / Windows). We also have listed out recommended tools on our PGP page below.

With many of our users coming from sensitive industries, some of them have voiced out their concern for encrypted email notifications to prevent data leakage from emails. As a next step, we will be enabling full encryption of emails in an upcoming release, with a facility to upload your public PGP key that will be used to encrypt all messages sent via email. Stay tuned!

For more details on Ribose email signing and how to verify signatures, visit our PGP page at