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Announcing the Ribose Retrace Challenge + Rewards

The "retrace" project

We’ve been working on an open source project called "retrace".

retrace (with a lower "r") is a versatile security vulnerability / bug discovery tool through monitoring and modifying the behavior of compiled binaries on Linux, OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD (shared object) and macOS (dynamic library).

It can be used to assist reverse engineering / debugging dynamically-linked ELF and Mach-O binary executables.

The Challenge

We are announcing 3 separate challenges that comes with rewards, in order to encourage usage of retrace and make retrace better. Rewards go up to US$ 1,000 each so it could be very interesting.

The challenge period runs from 2017-08-09 to 2017-10-10 inclusive, with the winning challengers announced on 2017-10-16 here (and the retrace GitHub page).

Full details of the Retrace Challenge here:

Bug Challenge

The Bug Challenge encourages finding bugs (any bug AND security vulnerabilities) in well-known software (OSS / proprietary) using retrace.

Challenge rewards are given according to the CVE CVSS score of the entry — for example, a confirmed Critical CVE reported using retrace, there is a grand prize of $1,000 — there are multiple prizes for each category.

Improvement Challenge

The improvement challenge is to improve the actual retrace tool in form of code. The challenger should write code that improves retrace (library or CLI) to do something useful. For example, the "Best Improvement" grand prize is again $1,000. See the retrace page for the other categories.

Usage Challenge

The "usage challenge" is to discover creative and interesting ways of using retrace in form of code. The challenger should write code that utilizes and incorporates retrace (lib or CLI) to do something useful AND interesting. The results will be incorporated in the /examples directory of the retrace repo for public usage, for the benefit of all. As an example, the "Most Useful" grand prize is $500.

Who are we?

We are Ribose, the secure sharing company. We believe privacy and security form the foundation of liberty, and our goal is to empower people to freely communicate and achieve productivity. Through an approach we call "asymmetric security™", we leverage deep security and technology expertise to create highly-secure products validated to the world’s most stringent requirements and regulations.

We created retrace to aid developers and security researchers to develop better code that leads the world to a better place.

Here’s the link to the challenge. May the best win!