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Ribose update: new Poll capp!

Hello everyone,

In case you did not notice, last week we introduced a new collaborative application called Poll to every space — indeed, a new application in quite some time!

The Poll capp is a much requested feature from our existing users, who wanted to gauge sentiment or find group consensus in a space. With Poll, you can easily host polls to achieve this:

  1. Enter the Space then the Poll capp

  2. Click on "New Poll"

  3. Fill in the poll title, description, the deadline and possible choices

  4. Publish by clicking "Publish"!

Other space members will be notified about the new poll in real-time (and by notification emails), and can participate in the poll right away.

Some features of note:

  • Any member can create a Poll.

  • Poll creator and space admins are able to see the ongoing voting results and statistics. Regular voters will only see poll results after the poll has closed (after the deadline has passed).

  • Poll deadline must be at least 5 minutes after poll open.

  • Each poll automatically provides an "abstain" choice for voters. This is to allow voters to indicate an explicit "abstain" decision while participating. Abstain votes are counted in the participation rate in poll results to differentiate from non-participation (voters who did not vote).

  • After a poll is created, it cannot be modified. This is to maintain the credibility of voting results by preventing poll owners from manipulating votes. For example, a malicious poll owner may create a false consensus by switching vote choices that have already been voted on, or by changing the description of the poll. On the other hand, a poll can be deleted by the owner to indicate cancellation of the poll.

The last feature might be a bit confusing, but we believe one of the most important attributes for both the poll owner and voters is that the poll is transparent and fair, representing a genuine outcome. 

Please feel free to let us know how this feature works for you — what works for you, works with us. Happy polling!