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New release: emojis, IDNs/gTLDs, avatars, named poll, network status monitoring

Hello everyone,

We’ve just deployed our latest release, bringing a number of bugfixes as well as much awaited features, including:

  • Emoji (and full unicode) support: For all text, everywhere. A picture’s worth more than a thousand words!

  • Support for IDNs and gTLD email addresses: Previously emails containing non-ASCII characters and international domain names such as .在线, .みんな, .شبكة or .сайт were not supported. Now they all are and treated as first-class citizens — the same way as ASCII email addresses are. Similarly we now support all valid gTLDs in account emails.

  • Avatars: Default avatars for users and spaces are now using the initials of their names. This allows users to easily differentiate between spaces that don’t have personalized avatars to some extent. Of course, we recommend every space to set a descriptive avatar for your users' sake!

  • Poll: Anonymous and named polls. Previously you can only issue anonymous polls, and we received a lot of feedback requesting for "named polls" that allows showing who voted for which option in the voting results. You can now do this when you select "Poll Anonymity > Named" when creating a poll.

  • Network status monitoring: The application is now aware whenever the network goes offline, with a friendly reminder that changes made won’t be saved at the time.

  • Security hardening and performance enhancements across the board, where the bulk of the release is about.

Any problems, feedback or general comments, feel free to contact us through the feedback form, or email

Thank you again for your support!