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Hey Ribose, what’s new?


Ribose has been updated. We would like to share with you a few of those changes.

First up, we have moved Chat into a sidebar. The sidebar responds to the width of your browser (it seamlessly hides and shows accordingly, you can still toggle it on and off manually when it is hidden).

Previously we removed all the 'widgets' from the site as they were badly presented. We have revived redesigned a couple of them and you can find them in the sidebar — weather and RSS.  We hope they will help inform your day! 

We received a feature request from one of our users a while back. As promised, a 'Print' option has been added to Discussions so that when you print, it’ll come out nicely formatted. Try it out!

We are mid-way through improving invitations but it has been delayed. We have re-thought much of the invitations flow and we hope it is easier to use. More on this next time…​

The Space colors have been updated to a much softer palette. What do you think? Let us know.

We hope you like the changes and as usual.[We welcome your feedback, suggestions or bug reports].

Maybe there’s even a Ribose tee in it for you ;-)