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Ribose joins CDSA to promote intellectual property security

Ribose joins CDSA to promote intellectual property security

Facilitating collaboration throughout the intellectual property lifecycle

Hong Kong, 9 June 2014 – Ribose, a start-up redefining the way people collaborate, has joined the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) to promote the development of intellectual property security. Committed to an open Internet, Ribose believes respect for intellectual property is necessary for people to work together efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

A global forum for electronic intellectual property security, CDSA develops international standards for content protection and security, and performs audits to verify compliance. Its members include the world’s largest intellectual property owners, including Adobe, Sony, Microsoft and the Walt Disney Company.

Ronald Tse, Founder of Ribose, explains, "`Ribose is proud to be joining CDSA in working to protect intellectual property. Together, we are joining forces to provide guidance and leadership for the technology industry and cloud service providers — setting parameters to strengthen security and promote responsible content storage and delivery.

“CDSA is delighted to welcome our newest member, pioneering cloud service provider Ribose. By joining CDSA, Ribose has made a strong statement that the Internet’s benefits need not compromise information security or intellectual property rights,” stated James Wise, Director of Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs of CDSA in Asia. “We are confident Ribose will play an active role in helping innovators worldwide improve the protection of intellectual property.”

As the first Software-as-a-Service cloud service provider to earn certification for CDSA’s Content Security and Protection accreditation program, Ribose upholds strict standards of privacy and security.

“With our commitment to information security and intellectual property protection, Ribose provides a platform users can employ with confidence,” concluded Tse. “We treat our users as collaborators and associates. Our relationships are based on their trust in Ribose’s systems and our respect for their data.”

Ribose makes collaborating easy and fun. Whether planning business projects or social events, the Ribose platform helps users collaborate through enterprise-strength security certified to the highest standards, including ISO 27001, CSA STAR and CDSA CPS. Also available as part of the UK Government’s G-Cloud program, Ribose is free to use:

The Content Delivery and Security Association is a non-profit organization advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information. Among its members are the world’s largest intellectual property owners including Adobe, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, NBCUniversal and the Walt Disney Company.