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Ribose new release: 22nd July, 2013

Hello Ribosers! Once again, we have brought in a whole slew of changes to this new release. For new shiny UI elements and features, this release sees a new Create Space form that dispenses with non-essential details (though accessible with the "More Options" button), a new My Membership menu that facilitates management of one’s Space memberhsip (so you don’t have to hunt down your own icon in the People capp just to leave the Space!), and the ability for Chat messages sent from one location to also appear in all other signed-in locations. We have also managed to tweak our Discussions and Wiki capps a little bit to make them run a little bit faster. Last but not least, bugs have been squashed across the board in:

  • apps such as Inbox, Calendar, Discussions, Tags and To Do,

  • widgets such as Calendar, Space Menu, Countdown and RSS,

  • chat, email notification settings, avatar loading,

  • vCard uploading in Invitation to Spaces: now works for vCards created by MS Outlook for Mac

Happy collaborating!