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Origins of the Ribose name

Since our beta launch, we have often been asked about the reasoning behind our name. Our choice all links back to our goal: to empower like-minded people to collaborate effectively and successfully.

Ribose literally is sweet — a type of sugar with the chemical formula C5H10O5, which tastes sweet just like table sugar.

Although simple by itself, ribose sugar is capable of linking into a long, complex structure. In fact, this structure forms the backbone for RNA and DNA, the basic building blocks of earth’s living forms. RNA and DNA are much more than the sum of their parts, helping build life as we know it.

Similarly, the value of successful collaboration lies in positive, synergistic results. A lion’s share of mankind’s achievements arose through people working together, with the results realized being far superior to those of people working separately.

Just as how ribose sugar forms the backbone to essential life, we strive to serve the fabric of the collaboration experience for everyone. By helping people work together more productively, Ribose allows you (and your team) more time to focus on what you love, providing a greater opportunity to make our world a better place!