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Online Collaboration — Losing The Human Touch and Connection?

Wanted to comment on an article that was published today in Global Business Hub --- — that talks about the importance of keeping employees happy at work by keeping them engaged.  The article further explains how social networks like Yammer, Huddle, and Jive are making employees more engaged and that ultimately more engaged employees, are more productive employees.  The author also discusses how the technologies in our personal lives to connect and communicate are also becoming technologies we use at work.   More and more, the technical experience we have at work is mimicking the one at home –making the distinction between our working life and our personal life more blurred.

Ribose gets this concept and believes that collaborating should not only be a process that keeps people more productive, but it also should be a way for people to get to know one another and how they tick as co-workers and individuals.   A key point in the article that we at Ribose get is that millennials are looking to create a seamless work/play existence where  baby boomers like our “unconnected” moments. It’s the millennials who are the drivers for getting a Facebook-like experience at the office.  So we ask, is using social collaboration tools  going to be the way we communicate in and out of the office?  Take a look at how we use our phones today for text messages and emails.  On-line collaboration tools are everywhere and are for personal and professional use.  We believe that everyone is driving for that "Facebook" experience.

Our goal is to connect all people whether they are millennials or baby boomers in an effort to help them work smarter and have fun while working. And most importantly, we want people to be more productive while collaborating so they can get out of their offices and do the things they love and connect person to person in the flesh.   Technology will enable people to connect and collaborate like never before.  Some see it as taking away the human touch.   But in order to work with others on a virtual basis collaboration platforms are essential.  And most importantly, they can also have a human touch because collaborating is about connecting and building relationships.