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Casual Collaboration Sweetened by Ribose

New cloud-based platform streamlines all types and sizes of collaborative planning activity in one secure site

BOSTON, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ribose has announced the launch of a new online platform designed to simplify the way groups of all sizes collaborate.  The new web platform,, brings together an unmatched collection of tools, applications and widgets that harness the real-time, social and cloud-based flexibility of today’s internet to help streamline, organize and plan anything from a small family gathering to a social club’s ongoing activities.  

Understanding that the underlying concept of any successful collaboration is the generation of ideas, and sharing of experiences, the new Ribose platform capitalizes on today’s social web to help users stay in constant contact with collaborators, as well as offering public spaces designed to share common contexts, uncover new ideas and discover new resources through social connections.

"Collaborating on group activities of any size always involve plenty of opinions, questions and the need for constant last minute discussions on a myriad of details," said Ronald Tse, Ribose Founder and CEO.  "The vision for Ribose was to create a platform that harnesses the power of the casual collaboration people now use every day on the social web to provide them with a customizable space designed around the context of the project, not just the available toolset."

The new Ribose site offers over 10 collaborative toolsets designed to organize group activities and content around topics, not the tools, so that users can fully benefit from a comprehensive suite of features while customizing particular toolsets to meet the specific needs of their activity or event.  Ribose was designed with a clean, minimalistic interface style, allowing for users to choose from an array of color palettes and themes to satisfy their own unique design aesthetic. The site focuses on three key user needs:

  • Collaborative Spaces: capture key details, calendar items, files and status reports for each particular collaboration.

  • Collaborative Applications (Capps): bring together a specific mix of features and tools customized to particular topics, ensuring users have the right set of tools and functionality for the specific type of collaboration they are undertaking.

  • My Applications (Mapps): allow users to keep track of their activities on Ribose, offers widgets, profiles and contact information, as well as an aggregate look across individual collaborations — including personal calendar views, to-do lists and chat logs.

Access to the Ribose site is free for registered users, who are also allowed up to 10 invitations to begin building their collaboration teams. Future expansion and development on Ribose includes mobile web access and mobile app development. To learn more, register and begin tapping into the power of casual collaboration at

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About Ribose

For busy people who struggle to plan and manage all of the personal or group activities, events and adventures that make their life interesting, Ribose is a full-featured casual collaboration platform that provides all the necessary tools and connections needed to simultaneously plan activities of all sizes with friends, family, colleagues and partners. Founded by Ronald Tse, Ribose brings together in one secure site the real-time, social and cloud-based flexibility of today’s Internet with a full catalogue of tools, applications and widgets, to uncover even more linkages, better streamline activities and create customizable new ways to organize anything from a small, casual family gathering to a social club’s ongoing activities.

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